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Smart Guide to... Car Research

This portal is a prime resource to research your options when considering the purchase of a new vehicle. It includes car reviews, pricing tools, local dealer ratings, tips and advice, as well as a local car search (new and used) powered by another leading car sourcing portal:

This site's primary strength is in the depth of its database of local cars for sale (new and used) and it also gives the users the opportunity to request competing quotes for a specific car from local dealers. Its side-by-side comparison tool also comes in very handy if you are hesitating between several car models.

Produced by the U.S. Department of Energy, this resource focuses on one of the key determinants of today's car purchasing decision: fuel consumption. It is a fine research tool that will allow you to identify the most fuel-efficient models, compare cars side-by-side, estimate your yearly gas cost with each one, and learn how to save fuel.

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