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Smart Guide to... Computer Security

PC Magazine's Antivirus Center

This service is an excellent starting point to learn about all the key facets of PC security. Included are antivirus reviews and news, tips on safe computing, and even a section on what to do if your PC has been hacked.

Top Cloud Backup Services

Despite all of your efforts to surf the Web safely, your files have been compromised or corrupted by a malicious agent. Despair not, that's where the complete online backup of your computer comes into play to restore your healthy files.

Top VPN Services

If you care about your privacy, travel frequently, or often work on public Wi-Fi, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) could be your best ally when online. Usually inexpensive and easy to set up, these services allow you to surf in a cloaked mode, thereby shielding you from trackers and villains.

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