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Smart Guide to... Smart Watches

Top Smart Watches

This compilation of reviews by TechRadar features the best smart watches available on the market today. For each model tested, an overview is provided that lists the key functions and specifications, as well as the pros and cons. If you would like a more in-depth evaluation, a full review is available as well.

The Best Fitness Trackers

If fitness is your primary focus when shopping for a smart watch, this guide from Digital Trends will help you identify the best options. After testing more than 100 fitness trackers, its editors identified top picks for different budgets and needs.

Best Medical Alert Watches

The best medical alert system watches pack state-of-the-art medical alert features into a sleek accessory that is easy to wear. GPS capability, fitness tracking, and heart rate monitoring are just a few of the many features offered to protect seniors' health.

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